10 Beautiful Yet Deadly Carnivorous Plants

10 Beautiful Yet Deadly Carnivorous Plants
07 Aug 2015
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Nature has created some most unusual and bizarre plants that attract, trap and digest animals over a million years of evolution. The list of animals that fall prey to these plants includes anything from small vertebrates and water fleas to nematodes and butterflies.

There are more than 600 of these fascinating species known as ‘carnivorous plants’, and they can be found all over the world. Having colonized a wide range of habitats, each type of plant has been yet characterized by particular environmental conditions. Listed below are the top 10 deadliest carnivorous plants what will surely blow your mind.

  1. Nepenthes


Nepenthes are an interesting looking plant genus, native to the Old World tropics and featuring about 100 species. Also known as ‘Asian pitcher plants’, they colonize a wide variety of tropical habitats, ranging from sea level to cool mountain regions.

The traps of these plants are passive pitfall traps, shaped like a pitcher, that do not move. These remarkably stable traps are filled with liquid which contains surface active substances. This liquid ensures that the victims are completely wetted and cannot escape once they have fallen in.

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