10 Beautiful Yet Deadly Carnivorous Plants

10 Beautiful Yet Deadly Carnivorous Plants
07 Aug 2015
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  1. Dionaea


No one can deny the divine beauty of the ‘Venus Flytrap’. Known as one of the most wonderful plants in the world, this species features probably the best-studied traps of all carnivorous plants. The genus Dionaea includes just one species, the Venus Flytrap, a relatively small rosette plant which produces shoots in the spring.

The fast moving, trapping leaves of the plant are snap traps with marginal bristles. As soon as the prey is sealed in, the trap closes and secures the prey; its soft parts are broken down, digested and absorbed. The digestion completes in about 10 days.

Today, it is hard to ignore the conservation status of some of the carnivorous plants. The growing interest in the rare plant collection and habitat destruction are the two major factors affecting the survival of these incredible plants. Thus, combating illegal trade could help ensure their conservation.

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