10 of the Extreme Body Modifications

10 of the Extreme Body Modifications
24 Jul 2015
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Body Modification is the word with weirdest term, with scary implications for those who have no personal interest in the subject. In the simplest terms, “Body Modification” means to intentionally alter one’s physical appearance. It is assumed that it applies only to piercing and tattooing. But the term has much huge implication then just tattooing and piercing. At present almost all of us are involved in some kind of body modification. Here, we have compiled 10 of the most extreme body modifications.

  1. Lip Tunnel


Lip tunnel is a form of Body Modification in which increasingly large wooden disc plates are inserted in the lower or upper lip. The wooden disc is inserted with a pierced hole. This custom dates back to thousands of years, and is still practiced by tribes in Africa and Amazonia. It is generally performed on girls when they reach the age of 15-16 years. It is uncertain how this bizarre custom came into being as the lip plate deforms the face of the women and leaves her unattractive.

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