10 of the Most Dangerous Roads Around the World

10 of the Most Dangerous Roads Around the World
29 Aug 2015
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Being a driver, we encounter unsafe road conditions. Hazards can appear in many different forms; for instance, poor weather, drunk drivers, and simple human error can all complicate an otherwise uneventful journey. On the other hand, sometimes the condition of the road itself can put your life in jeopardy.

We have here a list of 10 of the most dangerous roads you will find around the world. These roads have high death rates and are extremely dangerous. Fortunately, most of us doesn’t need to drive across these roads on a daily basis like the people living around these areas. The roads listed below will definitely test your driving skills and courage.


  1. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece


This is a narrow, busy dirt track that stretches from Patiopoulo to Perdikaki in Greece. This road is a steep climb or decent, it is dangerous because it has huge pot holes and very little grip for the vehicles that travel on it. It is a narrow road with a sheer drop on either side of its slope with no guard rails or a prevention to stop a vehicle from going over. Many people die on his road every year, it is used by pedestrians, livestock and trucks, buses and cars. A very dangerous road that has gravel for grip in most places and there are no lines to determine where the edge is, this is especially dangerous at night, most of the accidents happen at night on this road.

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