10 of the Most Expensive Sneakers in the Market

10 of the Most Expensive Sneakers in the Market
27 Jul 2015
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Sneakers is one of the most popular shoes as of today, various designs and brands available in the market. Just like a dress, variety of shoes are available in the market following various characteristics such as color, style, quality, price and lifetime. Numerous sneaker brands are serving in market and manufacturing the stylish, elegant, graceful and fine quality sneaker to attract customers. Here we listed top ten most expensive sneakers in the world which absolutely will amaze you. Would spend thousands of dollars just a pair of sneakers?


  1. Air Jordan 2 Eminem 313


Air Jordan 2, the Eminen Way I Am 313 Limited Edition sneakers cost about $1,000. It is not just rare to find this sneaker on sale, but it is rarer still if you find one in your size! When Nike came out with these sneakers, the sneaker world had no inkling of what was to come. The sneakers were completely sold out within 5 minutes of their launch. These special edition comes in an exquisitely retro design and scream high fashion when you walk down in them, making your sweats and baggy pants so completely and absolutely irrelevant!

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