10 of the Most Famous Fictional Movie Characters

10 of the Most Famous Fictional Movie Characters
21 Dec 2015
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Watching movies is one of the habits that most people do, some people watch movies just for past time, and some are just because they love watching. Most of us watch movies depending on the genre and while most of us watch movies because of the story.

Behind these reasons, as we watch movies, we admire the characters in it, and most of the time, once we heard the names of those characters in a certain movie, we used to look on the actors or actresses who portrayed the role.

We gathered a list for you of 10 of the most famous fictional movie characters that you ever watched.


10. Rocky Balboa (Rocky Series)



Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky proves himself in a million-to-one match-up, and his victory makes underdogs cheer.

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