10 of the Most Famous Monuments in the World

10 of the Most Famous Monuments in the World
21 May 2015
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There are so many beautiful places to see in the world. However, just a few are iconic. Whether it is a natural wonder or an architectural site, these famous monuments are definitely among the most recognizable in the world. I bet you would like to see these personally if you have a chance.


  1. The Kaaba (Masjid al-Haram)


The Kaaba is a cuboid-shaped building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is the most sacred site in Islam, oldest and top the most Famous Cultural monuments in the world. The Quran states that the Kaaba was constructed by Abraham (Ibrahim in Arabic), and his son Ishmael (Ismaeel in Arabic), after the latter had settled in Arabia. The building has a mosque built around it, the Masjid al-Haram. All Muslims around the world face the Kaaba during prayers, no matter where they are. This is called facing the Qiblah.

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