Top 10 Best Selling Boy Bands of All Time

Top 10 Best Selling Boy Bands of All Time
21 May 2015
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  1. Backstreet Boys


Intending to create a vocal group, Lou Pearlman decided to place an ad in the Orlando Sentinel. These men were among the hundreds of young performers who auditioned for the spot. The group was officially formed on 20th April, 1993.

Best known for pop songs such as “Everybody”, “Quit Playing Games, “As Long As You Love Me” and the iconic “I Want It That Way”, this group have swooned girls the world over. During the peak of their career, they released numerous albums and sold over 130 million copies worldwide. No doubt the group was tagged as the ‘Biggest Selling Boyband of All-Time”.

Now in their 20th year, The Backstreet Boys have proven to be more than just a boy band. This year, they have released a new album and are scheduled to have a series of concerts in the U.S. and Japan until the end of the year.

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