Top 10 Creepiest Places on Earth

Top 10 Creepiest Places on Earth
30 Jul 2015
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Just passing by one of these buildings in a car could make your skin crawl. Each of these places have been tainted by their strange and macabre history. Even though they are just creepy remnants of their past, there is enough darkness left that they terrify passers by. If you are living near any of the creepiest places  we have on our list, you check them out. However, you might want to bring a buddy and a flashlight.

  1. Devil’s Kettle – Minnesota, United States


At first glance, this waterfall and rock formation in Minnesota looks perfectly normal. However, while on the surface the pothole on the left of this image wouldn’t turn many heads, it’s what happens underground that has confused researchers the world over. While the water of the Brule River runs into the ‘Devil’s Kettle’, no one has ever discovered where that water goes. Multiple tests have been made in an to attempt to discover where the Devil’s Kettle leads to, but all have proven inconclusive. As it stands, it seems that anything that goes into it simply vanishes.

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