Top 10 Famous Music Artist Who Came From a Group

Top 10 Famous Music Artist Who Came From a Group
21 May 2015
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Some of the most successful solo artists in history started out as part of a band. In some cases, artists have moved between a number of different bands before they found the courage to begin a solo career. Often, the rifts caused by certain creative decisions often resulted in the severing of ties between certain bandmates. Many famous band members have managed to enjoy fruitful solo careers. Some are not so lucky though – members of the Spice Girls who attempted a solo career were generally met with woeful reactions from critics.

  1. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney found solo triumphs just below The Beatles level of cultural personification. From Maybe I’m Amazed to Jet, McCartney created the benchmark for how a singer leaves a band as huge as The Beatles and still score high on the charts for years to come. McCartney is the master.

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