Top 10 Flopped Movies Ever

Top 10 Flopped Movies Ever
29 Jul 2015
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A movie is labelled as a flop when the total cost of making the movie surpasses the revenues that the movie generates once it is released. Forget about the huge budget movies. If a movie fails to cover all its costs, automatically, it is considered as flop. It doesn’t matter how big the budget was.

Its such a painful loss, to know the fact the movies cost millions of dollars. This explains why Hollywood executives are extremely careful when choosing directors, producers and cast members. It is however important to note that movie losses can be caused by many other factors apart from the cast, directors or actors. Budget imbalances may also affect the movie’s success. We have here 10 of the movies that flopped and never tasted their success.

  1. Stealth – Loss: $111,700,123


In the year 2016, the Navy develops a super-intelligent unmanned aircraft called “Edi.” When Edi gets struck by lightning, he stops taking orders and almost starts World War III. In the year 2005, nobody cared. Despite being helmed by Rob Cohen, director of the blockbusters The Fast and The Furious and xXx, Stealth was a failure.

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