Top 10 Guitar Gods of All Time

Top 10 Guitar Gods of All Time
03 Jun 2015
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What makes them the greatest guitarist of all time? Is it the signature riffs you can’t get out of your head? Is it the undeniable skill the axeman has that makes them the envy of all? Is it the influence they’ve given to the next generation? Is it the legacy they’ve created with years of hits and defining the sound of an era? The short answer is, all of the above. The guitar is their weapon of choice and they are known to be the greatest axemen.


  1. Randy Rhoads


Rhoads made his mark on metal history as a guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, but met a tragic end in a plane crash in 1982. After a tour date in Tennessee, a pilot friend talked him into a short plane ride despite his fear of flying. Little did he know, the pilot was jacked up on cocaine and tried flying dangerously close to Ozzy’s tour bus to freak out its inhabitants. For the third time they tried pulling this dangerous stunt, the left wing clipped the bus and sent the passengers to a fiery death.

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