Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries Around the World

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries Around the World
14 Oct 2015
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Few countries have hit poorly by the unforeseen happening. People living there are not completely safe and you can say that they are living in the biggest terror of their lives. Few issues related to politics and violent activities made this nation unsecured and be named as one of the most dangerous countries so live in. These nations are not completely safe to visit. The people have mislaid most of their loved one. They expect to have peace in these countries also for the advantage of the people living there and for the complete world peace.


  1. Sudan


Sudan isn’t exactly one of those beach paradises. A whole fifth of citizens here live on less than $1.25 US a day, and as one of the so-called “hungriest” nations in the world enormous swaths of the population live in abysmal conditions. Ethnic strife and slavery have been a mainstay for most of Sudan’s history, but the danger here comes equally from above with a government that retains power through flagrant human rights-abusing militias partial to widespread killings, rape, systematic torture, robbery and recruitment of child soldiers. Since 1983, nearly 2 million Sudanese have died to civil war and famine.

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