Top 10 Most Ridiculous Hollywood Film Rip-Offs

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Hollywood Film Rip-Offs
01 Dec 2015
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As the international box office for films like The Avengers, The Dark Knight and Iron Man will show you, superheroes are not just an American business. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and other costumed vigilantes are massively popular all over the world, earning billions of dollars a year with their cinematic adventures.


Whenever there is a movie franchise that breaks new ground in Hollywood, studios all over the world rush to make sure they have at least one similar property on the way. In some countries, where copyright laws, and blatantly ripping off entire movies are a gray area, a carbon copy can still be successful. And sometimes, a rip-off can reach heights – or depths – that the original could never have imagined. Take a loot at our list below, these are the 10 most ridiculous hollywood film rip-offs.


  1. Turkish Captain America – “3 Giant Men”


Sometimes, a movie looking to profit off of popular superheroes doesn’t care about the story as much as it does the costumes. In the 1973 Turkish movie “3 Giant Men,” Captain America joins forces with the Mexican hero Santo -and brings his girlfriend along, to take down the Evil Spiderman who is taking over organized crime in the country’s capital. Next to nothing from the comics is adapted to the movie, Captain America somehow murders a version of Spiderman who can’t really be killed. It’s confusing, ridiculous and Marvel obviously wasn’t really happy with the film.

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