Top 10 Most Successful Bank Heist in the History

Top 10 Most Successful Bank Heist in the History
09 Jul 2015
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Heisters is a higher level of thieves, robbers, burglar, they have rare talents-they are always extraordinarily disciplined, organized, and above all, discreet. While so many people tried to be one, so few manage to be professionals. Unlike common street criminals who are desperate and lack self-control, these heisters know that bragging about an uber-crime will lead to jail time.

Have you ever watched “Italian Job” or “Ocean’s 11”?. These are just some of the greatest Hollywood films in which the story is about a big time robbery. Some of these movies are fictional, but some are based on a true stories. Check out our list of the most successful bank heist, that maybe you wouldn’t image that what you have seen in the movies like “The Town”, can be pulled off in real life.


  1. British Bank of the Middle East


Robbing a bank during a time of civil unrest can give someone plenty of time to get the loot. In 1976, a group affiliated with the Palestinian Liberation Organization blew a hole through a Catholic church adjacent to the British Bank of the Middle East in Beirut. After 2 days, the group stole 25 million pounds worth of goods. To this day they have never been caught.

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