Top 10 Richest Kingpins of All Time

Top 10 Richest Kingpins of All Time
26 Jun 2015
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Today they say criminality doesn’t pay, numerous rich gangsters demonstrate otherwise. Although maximum ends up dead or in the penitentiary, a very fortunate few get to spend their cash. In the initial part of the 20th Century, mobsters made a lot of money selling alcohol during proscription. In the 70’s many criminals made a killing off heroin. Currently, the ironic gangsters make their money from smuggling cocaine from Colombia from side to side Mexico and into the U.S. Whereas it is hard to govern the exact wealth of these architects, here are the ten richest kingpins of all time:


  1. Joseph Kennedy ($200 – $300)


Joseph Kennedy was the harmless-looking patriarch of one of the most powerful families in America, a corporate big shot and strongly connected to the bootleggers who made millions selling alcohol during the Prohibition Era. He is widely thought to have had dealings with Frank Costello, the head of the Luciano crime family, to facilitate smuggling alcohol into the country for easy distribution during the post-WWI period. Not only did Kennedy make a profit on his river of illicit booze, but he was also credibly accused of framing one of his rivals for rape in order to acquire his business. Still, with his fortune measuring in the billions in today’s money it probably wouldn’t have been wise for the rest of the Kennedys to have disowned him completely. In 1957 he was named one of America’s richest people by Fortune magazine

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