Top 10 Worst Movie Remakes of All-Time

Top 10 Worst Movie Remakes of All-Time
25 Sep 2015
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Hollywood has made no attempts at hiding its fetish for remaking old films. What better way to cash in on some quick bucks than to bring in fans of an old classic for a rehashed take on something that really had no business being remade. In light of the recent news of WWE Films remaking the cult-classic Leprechaun with their resident Irish midget, what better time than now to run down the 10 worst movie remakes of all-time.


  1. Planet of the Apes (2001)


The 1968 sci-fi film starring Charlton Heston made a bold cultural statement that shocked viewers. Even little Bobby Draper of Mad Men found himself enamored by the poignant commentary that the film provided. Tim Burton’s 2001 remake was sleek and shiny, but lacked the emotional effect of the original thanks to a ridiculous cliffhanger ending that even some of the actors, like Tim Roth, didn’t truly understand.

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